Sunday, December 13, 2009

selamat pagi, cinta

when i woke up today, i was confused.
my thoughts were incredibly hazy

last night was remarkable
its a reminiscence of wartime childhood
i am torn between my dream and desire
I disguised myself as a little girl in beautiful red dress
also white ribbon on the head,
cycling an old bike
yes, it was mine
few years back, i am sure

It brought me to no where that I'd ever seen before
I could see the rainbow
there were birds singing around and bringing me the feeling that i could not imagine
I  saw almost everybody I'd ever love, there
yeah, almost
they are all seems happy and blessed
they are smiling, waiting for me
it makes me feel warm
it makes me comfy as I lay on fresh grass, waving towards them
under the sunshine and perfect cold wind
after all, its all I need,
yes.. you, people

I cannot walk, though
I want to be with you
I want to hug you , give you warm kisses
shares everything that surrounds me
I want to be near you,
But, you seems so far away as I try to walk near you
suddenly everything was disappear.
just like that..
its dark and nobody here, except me.

I know, it's just a dream
but, it is a total different to the dream i had yesterday, two days ago or even years ago
I wish it is all true.
I couldn't bear to be alone
I need you.
i love you.

Selamat Pagi, Cinta. :)

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