Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This blissful month

This 2 months seems to be perfect. With family, fiance, girlfriends & boyfriends, everything's complete!

but tomorrow, Mr. fiance will be going, AGAIN :'(

I can bear for 4 years being apart, I hope I have the guts to be waiting for another year.

Semoga Allah mempermudahkan segala urusan kami :~)

I envy those ppl who can be together all the times. But, you see, it's not that horrible. If it's not us, who else is going to use the technology?? Well, we contribute A LOT within this 4 years! bwehehehe.

Now, lets back to basic! Here we gooooooooo!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011



"Menunggu sesuatu yang sangat menyebalkan bagiku
Saat ku harus bersabar dan trus bersabar
Menantikan kehadiran dirimu
Entah sampai kapan aku harus menunggu
Sesuatu yang sangat sulit tuk ku jalani
Hidup dalam kesendirian sepi tanpamu
Kadang ku berfikir cari penggantimu
Saat kau jauh disana "

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My super weekend!

The thing I love about being a teacher  I don't have to worry bout dateline and homework. The feeling giving homework to students is PRICELESS. :')

Perasaan untuk hantar assignment sekarang bercampur. Nak buat mana satu dulu ni?!!

p/s: Next semester gonna be teaching Science & English. Tabahlahhhhh T____T