Saturday, March 20, 2010

Move on!

Some people are too selfish, too stupid to think of something good not only for him/herself but for everybody.
Act like an adult.
Think like an adult.

Move on Zatie!


kasi suspensi sikit.

Baiklah. Isnin adalah permulaan segala-galanya.
Otak semak dengan tugasan yang tak siap dan tak faham nak buat ni.
I'm off to Cheras tomorrow.
think that am won't be able to keep updating my little precious ni.
too much work in progress and too much stupid and shitty thingy need to be done.
If anything u can find me on my facebook since that's the only place that I can't resist eventho sangatlah bosan menatap facebook. (please kindly leave a message introducing yourself if you are about to add me, kalau tak anda boleh masuk senarai menunggu ke 122, sorry)

Will be back soon :)

Am gonna miss u! Take care ppl :)

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