Monday, August 16, 2010

something here and there..

well, it's Ramadhan.

tak baik mengutuk mahupon mengata. err.. i'll mind my words.

the not-so-good-thing happened to chase me, lately;
..get annoyed.
..the freaking boasts ppl
..facing the ugly truth
..some s*upid alien around.

and the worst case till now is when...

the loadsssssss of works is growing!

yuuupppp! sabar aje lah. with that kind of alien around i'll get sick everyday. *puke* (sebenarnye, this type of ppl yang lebih membuatkan keadaan dunia tak terkawal rather than the uncountable assignments+report+lesson plan+bla bla bla). To make it short, just stay away! i've got a limit. Don't simply underestimate. Buruk padahnya tuan puan.

okayyy okayy. the best part is, HE's coming hommmeee! :) welcome home, baii! Lupakan sushi, mari cari ayam percik! :)

cepat-cepatlah waktuuu. wa dah tak sabar ni!

bercakap all day long. tak penat ke haa?

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