Sunday, January 13, 2013

rant #1


school just started. i'm half jobless (i went to school but not for a permanent place, say it just for few weeks). to know that i'll be in this field for more than 30yrs from now, that scares me. A LOT! past week was tiring. i'm going to rant about my coming job, now.

i was appointed (sounds serious, no?) to teach Science (Yr 5 & Yr 3) and Maths (Yr 2 & Yr 3). Science Yr 5 will b not a prob since been on practicum for 7 months, that would be on my fingertip *KONON*. and the REAL prob is when i need to teach Maths and collect all the evident from the pupils. FIRST, maths hoi! memang la maths sekolah rendah A, but to teach maths i think i need to refer to the experts. As for Yr 1 - 3, i need to get what the fish! is KSSR! all i know it'll just be another burden to the teachers and by far, most of the teachers said "alah, tutup mata je lah! kalau bg rendah nanti kita yg kena bersoal jawab". Untuk kelas yang depan-depan tu boleh la nak beria-ia collect all the evident and all. Kalau dah kelas corot ni, we need to focus on them. ada yang masih cuba mengenal ABC dan 123. Some said, just make them copy the answer on the board b'cos there's not so much time to wait for them to understand and get the answer. boleh je nak buat macam tu, tapi sampai hati ke nak tengok anak-anak ni tak pandai membaca? T____T This completely skipped my mind. I've googled few things just to find out the best way to teach Maths for them. I gathered some ideas but I still have to think on how to adapt to the classroom. *sigh* I'm screwed! 

it's not that the new curriculum is not practical, i/we must find how to make it as students & teachers' friendly. if any of us can find the best way to adapt with the new curriculum, mind to share with me? i know i'm dead pathetic but i'm no psychic either. Please please pleaseeee i'm begging youuuuuu!

there's still a lot to rant. lets keep it to self. wait till the mind blown. i'm such a bummer FULLSTOP

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Nur Hanisah Azmi on January 14, 2013 at 9:11 AM said...

Mak Nisah pun x suka KSSR tu..huhu

Jadi surirumah lg best kena masak n jemur kain.. :P
Chaiyok2! :)

dancing queen♥ on January 14, 2013 at 6:38 PM said...

Haha lepas ni nak ubah fikiran. suri rumah is in the list! takpa la kalo kena masak pon.. penat kat rumah boleh tido :D